World of Dance Season 1 Finale

I see what they did there. Apart from the fact that the three divisions (Junior, Upper, and Team) were different for obvious reasons, the final three acts represented different genres of dance: Les Twins is hip-hop, Eva Igo is contemporary jazz and Swing Latino is ballroom. Coincidence? Most probably not, but do I hate it? No. It ensures that more people, and a wider variety at that, will watch the finale. It helps the show survive; thus, allowing dance fans like me to see more dance on TV, as well as the general public to get more exposed to dance.

The Season 1 winner, Les Twins, is consistent and entertaining. They’re not my cup of tea but I know they have inspired millions of dancers out there even prior to the show. They didn’t need the show to be considered dance legends but this win reaffirms that.

Anyway, it’s time for the list of my favorite numbers this season.

  • Change (Kinja Bang) | Performed by Kinjaz

This was clearly the most memorable routine by Kinjaz on the show. It showcased their individuality and creativity.  How they worked those panels was ingenious.

  • Let It Go | Performed by SuperCr3w

This isn’t the WOD version but I really love their floor work in this routine. The musicality of the breaking was spot on.

  •   Someday | Performed by Keone & Mari

It was broadway infused with lyrical hip-hop and feels. I enjoyed the story they told.

  •  Ready Or Not | Performed by Eva Igo

Her lines were so clean and she gave powerful performances. I noticed two things though: one, her facial expression was always tense and two, the type of pieces she did was pretty much the same. I thought this was the number where her expression matched the dance best. I do hope she gets to work with better choreographers to help her get more accent, and help pull out more emotion in her dancing. I’d like to see those beautiful lines of hers in softer, well-thought-out pieces.

  • Conga | Performed by Swing Latino

The song did a lot for them. It brought out the spice, the authentic Latin flavor which I felt was lacking in their previous performances. The vibe was great and their tricks were phenomenal. The hanging pose at the end was 🔥.