Somebody and Under Nineteen Finale

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I watched the final episode of Somebody and Under Nineteen over the weekend. Both were a little underwhelming to be honest. Song Byeong Hee didn’t make it. I thought he was the most talented of them all. In Somebody, Eujin’s final solo was the only one that sort of appealed to me. I didn’t like his song choice though. Also, I don’t know if it’s just biased editing or the venue assigned to him was too small but Daehan was shown to be doing the same steps over and over. Meanwhile, Sunchun was given two large venues so I thought it was a bit unfair.

My Favorite Dances from Somebody (썸바디)

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I’m starting my favorite dances compilation from Mnet’s dance romance program, Somebody (썸바디).

My Favorite Cast Members

Lee Joori (Ballet) is my favorite girl in this show. She is the best female dancer and her personality is the most relatable to me.

Lee Joori (Ballet)

Na Daehan (Ballet) and Lee Euijin (Popping) are my picks for the boys.

Lee Euijin (Popping)

Na Daehan (Ballet)
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Somebody (썸바디)

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I’m so late to the party. MNet’s dance romance program, Somebody (썸바디), is on episode 7 now. The participants are all gorgeous dancers from different genres. Apart from the romance reality TV aspect of it, they will do couple dances!😆 I’m loving the concept already. I can’t wait to catch up on the episodes.

“Do you want to dance with me?”💓 Kyaaaaaaaaaaah!😆 I’m freaking out! This is like the perfect romantic fantasy for me.