U [유] during ONF’s Japan stop

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A fan uploaded performance videos of U during ONF’s Japan stop. I really admire his control and explosive stops, which I also aim to develop in my upcoming dance classes. My classes start on Saturday by the way. I can’t wait!😄

Year End Musings on U [유]

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I’m spending the remaining hours of 2018 re-watching my favorite videos of U. My wish came true in that he outgrew the cutesy image and moved on to a cooler image.✨ Dance War did wonders for him. ❤️ U also released several dance videos this year, which made me so happy. I like all of them but if I were to pick a favorite, I’d choose Dance War Round 1: Fake Love. It was very different from the type of songs we saw him dance to previously. We had a glimpse of this charming side of his in Kiss The Sky and Only U but it really shone through in Fake Love. The masked version was overwhelming enough for me, more so the unmasked version. It made me cry so much because he was so cool in it and I was so proud of him.😭

This is the best moment of 2018, if not my whole life so far. Yuto gave me a heart. There is no mistaking it. It was directed at me. It felt like “OMG! He knows I exist!”. I think it was his way of saying “thank you” for cheering for him.😊

I can’t believe I liked someone enough to make 14 fan music videos of him in a span of 6 months. I also created a dedicated Pinterest board and a dedicated sub-page on my blog for him. I found the courage to share my photos in public to join Fuse Selca Days. I flew and attended a fan event for the first time. I must be crazy. Haha.

It seems like U is someone who moves me. He inspires me to dance, to create things, and to dare to do things I haven’t tried before. Thank you, U.♡ May you always be safe and healthy, and may more blessings come your way in 2019.🙏

Dance War at MMA – U Focus Cam

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Waaah! 😭 Yuto~!💓 I’ve been waiting for someone to upload a U focus cam. Thank you so much, WM! I love his shining, shimmering, splendid jacket. ✨ U, you were super awesome in this! 😎🔥