“Come waltz with me.”

Current mood:

My greatest fantasy is for the guy I like to extend his hand to me and ask, “Will you dance with me?”❤️ I’ve always dreamed of the guy I like to lead me in a slow waltz. I’m not talking about the school prom or school ball type of dancing but a proper slow waltz. Maybe I should take formal ballroom classes.😊

Like most girls in the planet, I dream of wearing beautiful gowns and twirling around in them under the starry night sky or under magnificent chandeliers. This is partly why I love ballet. Apart from the beautiful lines and shapes it creates, it allows dancers to wear pretty costumes. I like the elegance and dignity it exudes. It feels magical and romantic.

Lord, please let him be a guy who can rock the waltz.

Dance like nobody is watching

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There was this incident at my usual restaurant earlier. I usually go to that place during its non-peak hours to take late lunch or early dinner since I like it better when there are few people. They were playing EDM tracks earlier. I was quietly grooving to the music in my seat while eating when this gentleman probably in his early forties started dancing to the background music in the open space near the counter. He was enjoying himself while waiting for his order. I thought it was awesome. That made my day. 😊

Freemind Crew

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They choreographed many of ONF’s dances. I’m starting to like them. Their choreography is unique and creative. I’m a fan of the lady dancer. She is cool. I want to dance powerfully like her.👍 I need to practice!

New Bias Wanted

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I think I should try to diffuse my love and attention so I won’t become an obsessive fan. Going cold turkey is too hard. Avoiding doesn’t seem to work either. I think I need another bias or maybe I just need to preoccupy myself with something else instead like practice.

Let me dream for a bit with Sean and Kaycee (Tessandra Chavez Choreo). This dance is my heart struggling to say a soft farewell.

U[유] 💓

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What am I doing with my life? I should practice until I can feel worthy to stand on stage next to him.😭 My heart is pounding.💓 He is such a beautiful dancer.😭 The first thing I need to do is to work on my power and energy. Also, why do I even try to hide my face with a cap? I need to drop that to express the emotions better.