Post D-Day

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Yesterday was so memorable. I had the best time.😄 Thank you Lord for turning things around and making it a wonderful experience. The technical run the night before was so bad that I knew the nerves were starting to kick in. I had a really bad day so I decided to sleep early around 9 PM. I woke up at 1:30 AM and practiced until 4 in the morning. From previous experience, I have no appetite every time I have a performance so I made preparations to buy seedless grapes. That’s the only thing I can eat whenever I have a performance. I also ate a heavy meal the night before.

Our call time was around 8 AM. We learned the finale dance, blocked and had a technical dress run. Everything went quite smoothly. Dressing up wasn’t as difficult as I had imagined. My classmates helped fix my hair and make up.

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D -Day

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Today is the day I come back on stage!😄💖 I woke up early and practiced to help build that muscle memory. Today will be awesome! I’m declaring it! Lord, be with me today too!


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We did a technical run today and it was my worst run. I totally blanked out. Something happened before practice that really stressed me out and I wasn’t able to shake it off.😞 Concert is tomorrow. I can only change my perspective into thinking that there’s no way but up. Fighting!✊I have to practice.


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We have a dance concert this Saturday so I’ll be busy practicing this week. I’m enjoying dancing everyday. I can’t pick up steps very quickly so I have to be diligent and exert more effort practicing. I’m a bit rusty. 😜

The Crew’s Choreography to Chris Brown’s Take You Down

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Whoa! 😱This choreography is absolute 🔥! This is a perfect example of urban style on women. These ladies are so sleek that I got confused whether I was watching guys or girls. They’re so cool to be able to dance with this confidence. Not to mention how the cinematography wonderfully captured the essence of the music and the spirit of the dance.😍 Oh I love this vibe!❤️ I don’t find this in any way offensive or inappropriate. In fact, I see it as a display of power and command of stage.