“Come waltz with me.”

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My greatest fantasy is for the guy I like to extend his hand to me and ask, “Will you dance with me?”❤️ I’ve always dreamed of the guy I like to lead me in a slow waltz. I’m not talking about the school prom or school ball type of dancing but a proper slow waltz. Maybe I should take formal ballroom classes.😊

Like most girls in the planet, I dream of wearing beautiful gowns and twirling around in them under the starry night sky or under magnificent chandeliers. This is partly why I love ballet. Apart from the beautiful lines and shapes it creates, it allows dancers to wear pretty costumes. I like the elegance and dignity it exudes. It feels magical and romantic.

Lord, please let him be a guy who can rock the waltz.

Lee Gikwang x Kid Milli collab on ‘Don’t Close Your Eyes’

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Lee Gikwang and Kid Milli brought the Michael Jackson vibe back!🕴️ Kid Milli fits this jazzy beat. I was about to feel disappointed during the first half when the MV focuses too much on Gikwang’s half-naked, ripped body. He is great eye candy and all, but I came for his fabulous dancing. Thank God it sort of picked up towards the end. This reminds me what great legends Michael Jackson and Rain were and how cool that style was. I hope Gikwang will release a performance version.

Two Quotes

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There were two memorable quotes today.

“I hope you can meet someone who loves you more than I do.” My heart throbbed. This quote is from the Chinese movie remake of イタズラなKiss (Mischievous Kiss). Now that I have decided to give up on Yuto, this will be my sincere prayer for him.

The other one is from the song Hosanna by Hillsong. “Break my heart for what breaks yours.” It means to care for what God cares for, to feel compassion towards what God feels compassion for, and to want what God wants. It also made me realize that this is another trait that I should consider when choosing a partner. Apart from someone who speaks the same love languages, I’m hoping for a person whose heart beats and breaks for the same things mine does. Am I just hoping for someone like me but is a guy?😅