Produce X 101 Favorite Stages

Current mood:

MNet uploaded the ranking videos so I’m going to start my favorite stages compilation.

Ranking Stages

Mnet did a bad job editing. There were some good performances that weren’t even aired. Individual trainees did quite well in general. I actually agree with the scores the judges gave. I have 4 picks already whom I’ll root for: Choi Suhwan, Choi Jinhwa, Lee Midam and Kim Gukheon.

Choi Suhwan

Choi Jinhwa

Lee Midam

Kim Gukheon

…and a few groups on my radar.

Group X Battle (Covers)

Got7 Lullaby team did the best for me. They made me like the song. Too bad they lost but I’m still happy because Gukheon was in the opposing team and he has the biggest heart.

EXO Love Shot is my second pick. The image of the song fitted Wooshin (center) and Yu Vin the most. The guy in light blue, Donghyun, unexpectedly caught my eye too. I honestly didn’t like how the guy with the choker sang.

Every member in team NCT Boss delivered. My Top 3 members are Kim Yohan (Main Rapper), Lee Jinhyuk (center) and Han Seungwoo (main vocal). Lee Midam’s team did well too considering they picked a less dynamic song.

Position Battle

Twit was the only stage I enjoyed in the first episode of the position battles. Vocals were on point. They gave the performance the right amount of spice. I don’t know why Midam does not get enough screen time when he deserves it. Eunsang and Midam were the most charming in this group. Oh, and those mic stands look like light sabers.

I like the power they exude. All the members of this team did well. Gukheon’s dancing improved a lot since Mix Nine. He used to showcase his vocals more but he is proving that his dancing is good too. I’m proud of him.


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