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I remembered this short conversation I had with my aunts who were around 60-years-old, at a family gathering.

Aunt1: I saw your dance video on Youtube (referring to the 1theK dance cover). I couldn’t see your face properly though.
Me [chuckles]: Yeah. I tried to cover it with the cap. I wanted to remain anonymous. I only joined because not many were joining, and I really love this group.
Aunt2: Oh, you have a nice smile.
Aunt3: Are those all real?
*I looked at her puzzled since I wasn’t sure what she meant. My 3 aunts were staring at my mouth at this point looking all curious. After a few seconds, I finally understood that she was referring to my teeth and was asking if I had some dentures.*
Me [smiles]: Yes. They’re all real.

I found it funny but it reminded me that people tend to look at the world through their own circumstance. It was refreshing to hear. It made me aware that my aunts were at that point in life where they care about missing teeth, dentures and stuff like that. The thought never even occurred to me until that day.


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