Current mood:

God’s blessings abound. I received great news today that I didn’t even ask for. It’s not final until it is official but thank you Lord. I know you have a bigger picture, a greater plan that’s why you’re giving this to me. What you want me to use this for, so be it. Guard my heart, Lord. Let me not be attached to worldly success and focus instead on the little things that make me happy. *coughs* Yuto… 💓 *coughs* ONF… 😊

Moreover, my brother’s crew will be having a dance concert this Sunday. They will be revealing a new competition piece. I’m looking forward to it. They are somewhat umm…famous (in the world). I won’t say their name. If you follow major dance competitions and dance shows, you’ve probably heard of them. They occasionally do endorsements, commercials, and get featured in TV shows too. I personally think they’re cool living their dream like that.

There will also be another set of pop-up dance classes next Sunday. I want to take another jazz funk and urban class. I seriously believe that showing up is half the task. I’ll be sure to nail that half and put on the work for the other half. 😛


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