X1-MA Produce X 101 Individual Cams

Current mood:

I watched the first 2 episodes and I don’t like the editing of this show so much. It tries to make the dancing look stronger but it cuts the performances too shortly. Not all trainees were shown as well. Hence, it’s hard to really pick a favorite performance in the audition. Anyway, I checked out all 85 individual cams of the participants to the show’s theme song, X1-MA. After seeing them all perform, my picks have changed.

Choi Suhwan – His dancing stood out to me. He is an individual trainee. He is also short like Yuto.

Kim Wooseok aka Wooshin of UP10TION – He gave a very charismatic performance overall.

Lee Midam – He has the look and aura that I like. He is talented too and his dancing is above par.

Baek Jin – He has that swag. You know for sure that he is a dancer.

Choi Byungchan of Victon – There is something in the way he hits the beats.

Kim Gukheon of Myteen- He is a veteran at this.

Steven Kim – I’m not going to sugarcoat. I’m keeping him in this list purely because of his visual.


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