World of Dance Season 3

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I can’t believe I missed Season 2 when Sean Lew and Kaycee Rice were in it. I’ll get to that later. For now, I’m starting my favorite dance compilation for Season 3.

Before anything else, this ballroom routine with Derek Hough is 🤩.


The Heima makes great shapes and lines.

The dance flows from one movement to another. It’s so smooth.

I just love Kayla Mac! That is one hard ballet routine. They are right I love that it’s fresh and current.

I likeTrilogy’s stunts and transitions.

Strong. Individually and as a pair. Oh these beautiful dancers!

This rehearsal footage is way better than their WOD stage. The choreo is fantastic! 👍👍👍

What else can I say? They’re cool.😎

The Duels

I’m really liking this trio, maybe not so much their costume choices but their smooth, flowy style. I think they incorporated some tap and a little jive in this.

Ladies! These junior groups are fantastic! I liked both groups. This was earth versus aliens. JDC’s piece was grounded and the tricks were impressive. Those earth tone costumes complemented their routine well. They seem like mesmerizing earth or forest nymphs to me. On the other hand, Dancetown Divas were just fierce and flavorful. They executed the paso doble with the right intensity. They came here ready to battle. And those costumes look like they came from the Star Wars universe. If I were to pick, I’m slightly leaning towards Dancetown Divas.

VPeepz’ power, synchronization and intricate choreography do not disappoint. Filipino crews tend to have that explosiveness in their movement that characterizes their dancing.

Her transitions are not as seamless as I wanted but she’s a powerhouse. I wonder if she’s related to Amy Yakima from So You Think You Can Dance Season 10. I see some resemblance.

I like The Trilogy’s style but this is not that different from their previous routine. It’s like if you’ve seen one of their performances, you’ve seen them all. I hope they find a new concept soon.

Ne-yo nailed it when he called them “contemporary breakers.” They are so graceful.

Unity LA’s routine was clean and intense. I was like woah woah…wwwoahh! I wanted some variety in the intensity a bit because my heart couldn’t keep up. I wanted some time to breathe a little and sit in the pocket. It was too hyped up the entire time. Nevertheless, it was amazing.

The Cut

I felt that VPeepz routine. Wow! It was intricate, clean and beautiful!

Briar Nolet is so strong.

What I love about this is that I watched every pop he did.

They pushed, pulled and threw each other around effortlessly. What a great week for World of Dance!

I love her! She dances with so much sass.

Production A+! Everything worked well for that “spacey” routine.

I miss The Heima masks. This group really makes great shapes and are very creative with utilizing their b-boy skills but this was their weakest routine so far. Likewise, Kayla Mak is a beautiful ballerina but I’m slowly getting tired of the kicks and jumps in her routines. She needs a new concept. I also want to see more graceful turns.

Divisional Finals

I like almost every routine in the first week.

This jazzy blend of gymnastics is absolute 🔥! Her athleticism, power, and needless to say technique are brilliant! She burned that dance floor! I wish I could dance like her.

These kids got swag and are always very entertaining. I can imagine how much they practice to be this coordinated. Other artists wow you but this group takes you in and make you want to dance with them. I think that’s their magic.

It was so cool. The dancing and all the production elements – stage, costume, lights, background – everything was fantastic!

“Poetry in motion” as JLo described it. Indeed, this was breathtaking. It’s beautiful how they made the fog look like a waterfall.


I always like it when all the competitors dance together. It’s a “Dance unites us all!” moment. VPeepz stood out to me in this routine.

VPeepz stands for precision and teamwork. I really like how they don’t do a lot of tricks and focus on dancing. They are so synchronized. I can imagine the hours they put in.

This was very strong finale routine from The Kings. I never noticed them before. The action sequence they did was so cool. Like the judges said, it was like watching a movie.


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