School Rapper 3

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It’s back for a third season! I’m starting my favorites compilation post.

SMTM and HSR crossover! Well, the producers represent the major hip-hop labels in Korea so no surprise that we see the same people in SMTM and HSR. I’m not really complaining because I like these producers. Judging from the producer line-up, I think more melodic rap will come out of this season.

Cypher Round

I like how Choi Jin Ho, the guy in the denim jacket, rides the beat.

Sokodomo left a good impression. He has good stage presence. He plays with the audience.

While I like Tang’s voice, he sounds like a blend of Webster B, Haon, and ex-Seven O’Clock rapper, Vaan. I don’t think it’s that good to sound like other people in this case. I’ll keep him in check.

Ranking Stage

Lee Jin Woo aka $IGA A’s performance was very VMC-ish. I like his sound here and overall vibe.

Like Code Kunst, I also enjoyed Choi Jin Ho’s stage the most in this round. That was one trendy melody line. 👍

I just realized that these two were together in the Cypher round video too. They seem to be climbing up my list this season.

Team Battle
Like I predicted, a lot of melodic rap is coming out of this season. It’s more like a beat battle now. I’m not complaining. In fact, I like it. Here are my picks.

Wing Wing was the best from ep 4. I’m officially rooting for Choi Jin Ho aka Blue Whale now. And that Giriboy beat is fly. It works well with Tang and Blue Whale’s tone and energy.

GI$T & Young Kay sounded professional with that Code Kunst beat. They showcased great rap skill. This was fantastic but I felt that GI$T pulled on a little bit more weight. This is Wishing On A Star.

Special mention to GroovyRoom’s Mirror. It sounds like something that can be played in a Broadway stage.

Another Code Kunst piece. The melody is really catchy.

Mentor Collaboration

My ears are really happy this season. Giriboy’s beats are playful and fun. GroovyRoom tends to be theatrical and artsy while Code Kunst likes it cool and trendy. Rhythm Power does energetic high tone rap with lots of bouncing.

…Like I said, it’s bouncy.

GroovyRoom got me with me with the sort of Arabian section. Sokodomo and Uneducated Kid are both quirky rappers with strong stage presence so no surprise that they delivered a dynamic stage.

Meanwhile, Youngji, YoungKay, and Hyoeun went hard. I didn’t like their song but I thought they gave the coolest performance. $IGA A delivered the tightest rap, and Kid Milli’s team taught us a lesson on ‘flow’.

Who cares if GI$T and Pluma got eliminated? They got to perform with The Quiett on a Code Kunst beat! I’m sure many rappers who are more senior than they could only dream about such opportunity. Everyone in the studio and in their homes watching this probably had their Illionaire signs up. I did!


I think Code Kunst (AOMG) will try to recruit Blue Whale when this is over. I liked his stage best in this round too.

When Haon came out, I forgot Sokodomo.

Illionaire X AOMG collab?! Of course, it’ll be a lit! This was a finals worthy stage. Changmo X Woo Won Jae X Youngji killed it. She deserves the win. Code Kunst and The Quiett were so proud of her. 😄

I’m not a fan of Aquinas but I liked this song. Hello there, Penomeco.

Another season has ended. It was fun. Like always, there were a lot of good songs and talented artists. Thank you for introducing me to Blue Whale and $IGA A. Their ranking stages were the most memorable to me. I have a feeling MNet will change things up next season.


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