God has a sense of humor.

Current mood:

Something funny happened today. I came home from a preaching that asked us to reflect on the ‘sufferings’ we have in life. I couldn’t really think of something then. I’m thankful how God has always been with me so life’s challenges don’t have a hold on me. I was about to take a shower but the water from the shower was too weak. I wanted to figure out how to increase the water pressure. I saw this knob on the water heater contraption and I turned it in the direction where it said, ‘Open’. Apparently it was a sort of lock that directs the water to the shower. I turned it some more and it came off! Then water started gushing out and spraying everywhere! 💦 I got the parts that came off: the knob and a sort of pin and tried to reattach it. It couldn’t get it to because of the water. I thought that it would’ve been good if I played ‘Homecapes’ so I could learn a thing or two about fixing broken stuff in the house. I also thought of calling my mom over but then that would take about an hour at least before she can come to my rescue. I wouldn’t know what to do with all the water that is getting wasted. I realized again how dependent I am on my mom and how great of an existence she is to me. I thought how can I be an adult if I can’t even deal with this on my own. What will happen when the time comes that my mom is no longer here? I found myself crying out softly, 「神様、助けて!」many times. Literally, “Lord God help me”. I suddenly remembered this red knob near the toilet. I thought maybe it’s like the main control or something. I left the gushing water and went to check that. I tried turning it without reading the direction written on it. I checked back on the gushing water. Nothing changed. Eventually, I realized that I turned the red knob in the wrong direction. After I corrected the direction by which I was turning it, the water stopped. By God’s grace, I was able to reattach the parts that came off successfully and take my shower in peace.

The experience made me think about a lot of things. Fixing broken stuff in the house is probably one of the things women rely on men to do. I quickly dismissed that thought and instead reflected on how my lack of knowledge about practical stuff is worrying. I know I can learn it if I put my mind into it but I haven’t given it time. I should, really. I also realized that I handle pressure quite well. I was able to stay calm and get my mind to think logically. But I find it so funny that I even thought playing Homescapes could help me.😅


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