Down with a cold😷

Current mood:

The change in the weather got me. A Japanese Fuse asked for my help in creating a video for Yuto since ONF will be promoting in Japan next week and they want to have a belated celebration of his birthday. I’m busy with daily life and that. I also found inspiration for my next 30s PV. I’ll do that after I finish the video request.

Ex-YG trainee and Mix Nine Top 9 finisher, Lee Byounggon, will debut under C9 Entertainment some time in the second half of the year. He was my top pick in YG Treasure Box. His group is currently called C9 boys while they don’t have an official group name yet. Soon all the members of Mix Nine Top 9 will be active! He will debut with his fellow ex-YG trainee, Kim Seunghun, and Bae Jinyoung of the disbanded group, Wanna One.


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