U Solo V-Live

Current mood:

ONF has been active in V-live lately. Yuto did a solo V-live after a long time. I was only able to watch the replay though. He seems totally at home with it now.😊 He showed us how he edits videos. Also, U has been appearing everyday in all the ONF V-lives lately. He is the most active member to post updates in Twitter lately too. I think he really felt the love of Fuses during his last birthday and is still hang up on it. It’s either that or he is really bored. Haha. I’m happy to see him more often.

WM also posted a behind-the-scenes video of their comeback week. Yuto looks so good in that red and black outfit. This era is perfect for him.

I’m still waiting for an inspiration for my next 30s PV.


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