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There’s this online store I bought from last June. It was actually the first ever online store I tried to buy from. It’s a small-scale, third party seller. That was right after Mix Nine came out and I wanted to support the groups the boys came from. An ad of the store popped up on my newsfeed. I didn’t know any better. I paid in full yet my items never got delivered.😔 I tried to be patient until January. I followed up once in a while. The seller kept making excuses. I’m mad at myself for being too nice. Perhaps I was too naive.😞 After January, I gave up on receiving my items and asked for a refund instead. I haven’t gotten it either. The seller kept making promises and kept breaking them. She kept making excuses. It was a purchase of almost $50 but I don’t think the stress is even worth it anymore. I don’t like how it brings out the worst in me. Slowly, I’m getting filled with doubt, anxiety, hatred, disappointment, and other emotions that I’m not proud of. The money isn’t worth it. I’m sorry Lord for letting my temper get the best of me for a moment. I know it’s unfair. A big part of me wants to demand justice and I have the capacity to do more ‘damage’ if I really want to, but is that even something I’ll be proud of doing? I’m deciding right now to forgive her. I’m giving up on collecting the money and settling with a “doesn’t recommend” review on her store’s page. I’m deciding to protect my inner peace. I’m charging this to experience. *sighs* 😞 Whatever her circumstance is Lord, I will just lift it up to you.

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