My Favorite Dances from Somebody (썸바디)

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I’m starting my favorite dances compilation from Mnet’s dance romance program, Somebody (썸바디).

My Favorite Cast Members

Lee Joori (Ballet) is my favorite girl in this show. She is the best female dancer and her personality is the most relatable to me.

Lee Joori (Ballet)

Na Daehan (Ballet) and Lee Euijin (Popping) are my picks for the boys.

Lee Euijin (Popping)

Na Daehan (Ballet)
Na Daehan (Ballet)

Han Sun Chun (Contemporary) is the strongest male dancer.

Han Sun Chun (Contemporary)

Han Sun Chun (Contemporary)

Couple MVs

This has a K-drama feel. I ship Jaewon and Sunchun.💕

The dancing could’ve been stronger but there were beautiful moments. I’m blaming the asphalt, which is really hard to dance on.

This makes me want to fall in love.💞

Too cute.😘 Their styles complement each other. We get to see Euijin dance. His first MV was kind of a let down.

The choreography is good. I wanted more emotions but whatever. I love Joori! ♡♡♡

Eujin’s final solo


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