Mix Nine First Anniversary Twitter Party

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There is a 9-day Twitter party to celebrate Mix Nine’s first anniversary. I’m a huge Mix Nine fan so I’m definitely joining. This will be my celebratory post.

Day 1: Audition
One of my favorite auditions for Mix Nine is from WM. This performance is where I first met my current ultimate bias group [#ONF #온앤오프] and my ultimate bias [#U #Yuto #유]. ❤️

Yuto stole my heart at 0:47 and just walked away like it was nothing. 😅

Day 2: The Competition
Mix Nine as a competition was actually well-conceptualized. All the challenges were thrilling and left me wanting more. Apart from the boys versus girls face-off moments, this team formation challenge was among the most memorable for me. I mean, who can forget how Team Hug was formed?! It was so unexpected.

Day 3: New Friendships
Mix Nine’s ‘holy trinity’ consists of ONF’s Hyojin, Seven O’ Clock’s Hangyeom and A.C.E’s Donghoon. This legendary trio first got together to cover Bang Bang Bang, which was an awesome stage. Then they were inseparable afterwards.

Day 4: Best Performances
Mix Nine is a program where I liked almost all the songs every episode. With that said, there were many legendary performances. It’s hard to pick. I have a post dedicated to that. If I were to pick just one, the stage that really got me hooked was My House.

Day 5: Talented Trainees
All of them are talented. I have my favorites list here. Since I write about some of them more often than the others, I’ll pick Yao Mingming today. He has nice lines because of his long limbs but I think he could use more power. He moves smoothly. His style is not hard-hitting nor is it contemporary. It’s not wavy, sexy either. I think he moves a little like a martial artist. Perhaps like someone doing tai chi? It’s calm and graceful.

Day 6: Struggles of Being An Idol
These idols endure through crazy schedules, intense training, countless restrictions, fierce competition, immense pressure to look good and be liked by others, as well as harsh criticisms. Just thinking about it makes me want to cheer them on. I think it’s a very stressful life.😢

Day 7: Sad Moments
I think the most regrettable moment was when Jaejun messed up the It’s You Team’s performance. I felt sorry for him and his teammates.

Day 8: The Fun
I can’t stop smiling while re-watching this. The boys enjoyed interacting with other idols trainees from different agencies.

Day 9: Final Episode
Just Dance was very memorable because it was a while since they last performed it and all the finalists were on stage. Thinking back, I believe YG intended to debut a girl group through Mix Nine. In terms of song, I don’t know if it was intentional but the girls’ songs were better in the finale. The songs the boys performed during the semi-finals were much better than the ones they performed in the finale. I grew to love many of the Mix Nine contestants so my heart was happy with whoever got picked in the end. The final Mix Nine’s Top 9 boys would’ve been a monster group if they debuted. I think my ultimate bias would’ve been Song Hangyeom. Anyway, Mix Nine will always be special to me. I’m still hoping for the best for all the contestants. I will cheer them on as much as I can.

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