U [유] The test has started.

Current mood:

This is so hard.😭 I cleared the goal but my heart is breaking. 💔 How can I not like him?! 😭

How can I live like this? 😭 😭 😭 But I really like him.💔 U….

Why did he have to drop this video now?! 🔥🔥🔥 I’m so happy I’m tormented that I can’t comment. I want to let him know how dope this is. I want to say that he really did a great job on this — his dancing and editing. I want to say that he is super cool. I want to say something cheesy like “Is it okay for me to like your dancing this much?” 😭 ARGHHHHH! I want to be honest and just type in “I LOVE YOU, YUTO!” LOL. Can’t I just be a crazy fan girl?😭 He probably won’t read it or remember it anyway.

If this is a taste of their comeback, I’m dead. I just know I’m going to love it too much.

I want to fail the goal!!! I’ll fail the goal. 🤦 I’m crying inside.😭😭😭

What made this really cool is that he let loose on this video. This is his real flavor. He has started to unleash his inner dance beast. His love for dance resonates with me.

I failed. 🤦 I resisted for like 3 hours. I hope to last longer and longer as days go by…


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