Great Faith: Day 5

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When I pray, I usually close with “Lord Jesus, please always be with me. Do not let me stray away from Your will.” This is my life prayer. I know that as long as I am at the center of His will, everything will be okay. It hit me when I heard this song for the first time today. “Be my anchor,” it said. An anchor is the perfect imagery I did not know I was looking for!

Be my constant. Be my anchor. Don’t let me wander. Don’t let me wander.

— From the song Don’t Let Me Wander by Every Nation Music

We are given the free will to choose how we live. He doesn’t force us to follow Him. He wants us to freely choose Him and love Him. As imperfect beings, we don’t always walk the straight path. That’s why I ask God to pull me back to Him whenever I start to stray. I want Him to remind me that His will is always the best for me. I want Him to shake my world when I momentarily forget.

In today’s devotion, God revealed two images to me. One is that of an anchor which I already described. The other one is a chair. In our reading today, there was a story about a missionary who was translating the Bible into a native language. He struggled to find the direct translation for ‘faith’ because the tribe didn’t have a concept of grace. One day, a native came up to his study and flung himself on a chair. He said to the missionary, “It is good to rest my whole weight in this chair.” That was the eureka moment. He found the word to use for faith. In it, there is the concept of rest, of unburdening ourselves, of transferring the weight onto another, of trust, of peace.

For most people including myself, it is difficult to let go and let God be the Lord of our lives all the time. I realized that my past mistakes usually happened because I lacked faith. The usual pattern is that I’m presented with a substandard good and am persuaded that the best (or the ideal) is impossible to have. Hence, with a heavy heart, I rush into things and think that I need to settle else I’ll end up missing out entirely. When situations like that arise in the future, I will have a ready answer – “No!” I will not even spare a second to think about it anymore. I will wait on the Lord. His promise will come. When it does, it will be something definite, undeniable and completely satisfying. There will be no room for doubt in my heart.

And that concludes my fast…I really enjoyed this precious time with the Lord.


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