Great Faith: Day 1

Current mood:

“Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.”

— Corrie Ten Boom, Dutch War Hero and Author

God has revealed several things to me today in my quiet time.

  • Unknowingly, I have been very cautious about the things I pray for. I only ask for things that are highly likely to happen. In a way, I am limiting God and underestimating His power in my mind. Also in a way, I haven’t been completely honest to Him about the things I hope for. He knows my heart but I missed out on the joy of articulating it to Him.
  • I am actually quite beautiful but most of the time, I am the one who fails to see it. May 2019 be the year I can learn to better celebrate the beauty and love God has given me. I want to glow with the love of God. I want to learn to appreciate myself more.
  • I yearn to be able to pour my love out without limit. I want to be free and brave enough to express my love. God has given me a taste of it when I met Yuto in person. I cheered without shame. I think I love intensely and that doesn’t sit well with everyone. But I’m not worried. God will surely send someone who can handle it and will happily love me as much.
  • God has been showing me ways to practice my faith.
  • I am God’s princess whom He favors greatly. The Lord has been very gentle with me. Even through storms in life and against the harsh realities of this world, I can feel how the Lord shelters me and keeps me safe.


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