Happy Prayer and Fasting Week!

Current mood:

Our annual prayer and fasting week starts tomorrow! I’m excited. We usually do it as a church at the start of the year and in the middle of the year. We take time to reflect on the past year, seek God, and realign ourselves as we set our faith goals with God. It’s not mandatory. It’s up to you whether you want to join or not. Other people may not find meaning in practices such as this but it sets the mood of the year for me. I get to celebrate the blessings I received the previous year and also get a better understanding where God is stirring my life to. It also helps in breaking unhealthy habits.

Food is not the only thing one can fast. It can be social media or our phone or whatever distracts us or keeps us addicted. It can also be a combination. The key is to plan ahead to commit to a certain fast. Deciding on a whim is a bad idea. We then replace the time usually spend on those things with time with God. The church gives us a booklet that serves as a fasting guide. It changes every time. It contains suggested Bible readings, devotionals and Q&A sections. We can write our faith goals there. We also spend time praying for the church, the community, the nations and anything else we could think of. We just talk with God and listen to his revelations. It’s a happy time.

What’s different for me this year is that I have a prayer partner whom I can pray for and who will also pray for me. Let’s see how that goes. We are also encouraged to attend at least 1 prayer meeting throughout the week. I never attended one to avoid the hassle of being asked to pray aloud. I’m not comfortable praying aloud and it’s a pain to have to explain myself or to listen to others try to convince me to. If they can assure me that they won’t pressure people to pray aloud, I will consider attending.

I’m a very reserved in person. I usually talk through writing (on this blog). This is my way of connecting to my soul. Thank God for giving me this personal space. This is my favorite hang out spot. If someone wants to find me, this is the best place.


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