J-Line members finally get to perform

Current mood:

Mahiro and Yoshinori did a cover of iKON’s B-DAY (VLive). They make a really good duo. It’s unfortunate that Mahiro got eliminated. He was one of my favorites. He has a lot more to show. I thought his talent rivaled Byounggon. He is capable of being a rap vocal. He only got to perform once in the whole program but he undoubtedly rocked it. Well, at least he got his chance unlike Midam. YG Treasure Box editing is very biased. He wasn’t given much screen time.

I also watched Keita vs Haruto but I didn’t like the song they chose. I’ve always thought Keita had more flair even in their initial promotional videos. He is like the Choi Hyunsuk of J-Line.


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