Fan Chants

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My head is full of Yuto lately. Well, it’s always been full of Yuto. I think it’s amplified since I’m really looking forward to seeing ONF on Christmas Eve. I’ve been watching fan chant guides lately so I won’t end up screaming like a crazy person the whole time. I want to cheer them on properly since I don’t know when I’ll get to see them again.

I thought of learning the choreography too but time is too short, and the chance of me getting called up there is probably zero. I don’t want to be called up there either. A big part of me really wants to dance with U that I imagined volunteering many times, but I think I will regret it so I’m deciding against it. I’m a coward. I want it to be when I’m totally prepared. I don’t want to end up just wiggling and throwing out awkward moves on stage in front of him so I will decline if asked. LOL as if that will happen!!! My imagination keeps flying like this but I’m trying to pull myself back to reality that the experience will probably be more like a mob where Yuto won’t even see me. Haha.

I also downloaded a LED banner app so I can display his name on my phone like they do in concerts.

*sighs* I do like him a lot, don’t I?


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