Current mood:

I was reminded of this verse from Matthew 6:21.

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. 

For the past two years, I’ve been asking God what purpose he had for my life. I believe the answer I got is to help make the world a slightly more bearable place for others.

I had a dream last night. Maybe it wasn’t really a dream because I didn’t see anything visually. It was more like hearing my own thoughts, or it could be a message from God. I don’t know. I suddenly had this strange urge to find and support a local animal shelter.

I’m not exactly an animal lover. I never had a pet in my life. I’m actually scared of them. I can’t go near them. But I can’t stand the thought of them being abused or being in pain (hence, I’m a pescetarian.) My heart breaks for them. With all honesty, I think I have more compassion towards animals than I do towards people. Anyway, so eventually, I set up a monthly subscription to help support medical bills of rescued animals at a local shelter.

Since I was young, I tend to only spend on things that I needed to survive. It’s not because I was lacking financially or that I’m too cool or something like that, it’s just that there weren’t many material things that I wanted. I did save up some of my school allowance to buy a few audio CDs and manga but not that many. I wouldn’t call it a collection. Even when I travel, I don’t have the urge to spend on shopping. My parents raised us not to be attached to money so I grew up not having special feelings towards it. I also thank the Lord for always providing. Since I was young, I already knew that when I start to earn my own money, my tendency is to spend just enough for myself to live, then flow the rest to causes I believe in. Taking away the money allotted for essentials to live on, there are 5 causes that I actually dedicate my finances to: 1) saving souls (missions), 2) protecting animals, 3) cultivating the arts, 4) taking care of oneself, and 5) investing for the future. The first three are the causes that allow me to contribute to changing the world in the humble ways I can. The latter two allow me to live a healthy and sustainable life. I’m sure it’s not uncommon. There are others out there who are doing more. I praise the Lord for them.

It feels good. I think the sense of fulfillment comes from knowing that my life is not a waste. God has given me a purpose. Even if it is to save just one more soul or one more animal in need, I’d be grateful.😊


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