Top 10 K-Dramas of 2018

As I expected, 2018 was a very slow year for Korean drama since most of the staple male leads went to fulfill their military service. Anyway, here are my Top 10 picks. As usual, the only criterion is my level of enjoyment. (I’ll add my comments later.)

#1 The Beauty Within

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

 #2 My ID is Gangnam Beauty

Genre: Romance, Comedy

 #3 Parting Left

Genre: Drama, Family

 #4 Come and Hug Me

Genre: Suspense, Drama, Romance

 #5 Encounter

Genre: Romance. Melodrama

 #6 I’m Not A Robot

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

 #7 Longing Heart

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

 #8 Something in the Rain

Genre: Melodrama, Romance

 #9 Judge VS Judge

Genre: Law, Crime, Romance

 #10 Suits (Korean Version)

Genre: Law, Crime

Honorable Mention:

Sweet Revenge 1& 2
Wednesday 3:30 p.m.
Hymn of Death

If you want to see my picks from the other years, you can check them out here: Before 2016, 2016, 2017, 2018.

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