Under Nineteen

I’m starting my favorite stages compilation.

Episodes 1-2: Ranking Evaluation

No one blew me away but here are the participants who stood out to me. Naturally, I’m attracted to dancers and rappers more.

Ji Jinseok (Vocal) – This is hands down the best performance in this round.

Kim Jung Woo (Vocal) – He is the glasses kid from Vocal Team who rapped better than most from the rap team. They didn’t give his vocal performance much air time.

Jung Hyun Jun (Rap) – Osshun Gum, is that you? I think he is inspired by him. He makes similar choices.

The other rappers that seem noteworthy are Choi Soomin, who reminds me of Banana Culture’s ChangHyun, and Bang Junhyuk. I’m not a fan of Soomin’s style but he has an idol appeal. Junhyuk sounded very generic but I see some potential.

Song Byeong Hee (Performance) – His clip was too short but the quality of movement seems good. He is my first pick in the Performance team. I can’t find his performance clip anywhere. Why?!

Lee Jong Won (Performance) – He has power and control.

Jeon Do Yum (Performance) – He has skills but it feels like he is just doing the steps. 

Kosuke (Performance) – He has potential but he seems too stiff and rehearsed here.

Episodes 3-5: Theme Song Battle

It wasn’t the cleanest but Team Performance did the best overall. They were charming and dynamic. Dancers bring in a cool vibe after all.💗

Team Vocal had a good song but I got bored with their performance. Jay Chang and Kim Bin stood out.

I’m sorry. I cringed at Team Rap’s song and performance. The boys should’ve been given a better song. The MV version makes it more bearable.


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