Loved (사랑했나봐) by Highlight (하이라이트)

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It’s Coach Lee Gikwang of Dancing High! This is the first song I heard from Highlight. It’s awesome that their chorus is instrumental and they go into a dance break. I can see why Song Hangyeom likes them. Lee Gikwang is handsome and his dancing is cool.💓


1theK has put in English subtitles. While the song can hold a more generic meaning, it seems like a plea to fans to wait for them so they can continue “staying here”, probably referring to the limelight and the music industry in general. In the same way, it can also apply to fans who will have to wait for the boys. I read from the comments that this may be Highlight’s last comeback before the members fulfill mandatory military service. Now the song has more context and has become more meaningful.😞 I have become more aware of the sense of sadness and fear of losing that the song exudes.

“I don’t want to be forgotten. Come back to me.
If I count the past days backwards, can I see you?
I may have loved you too much.
At the end of this wait, if you come to me,
I would give you all my heart.
If you promise me even if it takes time,
I’ll keep staying here waiting for you.
I’ll wait for you.

If this pain is you, I’ll go through it too.
Thank you for being you.
This love that I can never have again.
Someday when we come across each other 
and reminisce about today,
let’s smile without a word and pat each other’s shoulders.”


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