Show Me The Money 777

I’m starting my favorite stages compilation post for Season 777.
Warning: Long post ahead.

– Episodes 1 and 2 –

I don’t have a favorite contestant yet. So far, Coogie maybe? He looks clumsy but he has a really good sense of rhythm. I just don’t like how his default rap scheme is “…new” and “…new”. I was a bit underwhelmed during the one-minute rap round. I thought Coogie and EK were good but only D.Ark really stood out to me with his multi-lingual rap and stage presence. Forerunners, Nafla and Kid Milli didn’t impress me as much as I hoped but let’s see how things progress.

죽음의 조′ 디아크vs오왼 오바도즈vs최은서 1:1:1 battle
These 3 understood the beat well compared to the other trios.

I’m looking forward to Nafla vs EK vs Bully battle and Super Bee vs Loopy next week! Props to Bully for having the balls to take on Nafla. It’s a smart move because even if he gets eliminated he will exit the show with a legendary stage. Super Bee and Loopy have a similar tone. Although Super Bee is ‘bouncier’, I’d like to see how they will mesh their flows.

– Episode 3 –

This episode was a party! 🎉 The producers and contestants were enjoying themselves. I thoroughly enjoyed it too. 😆 I didn’t mind too much that the teaser tricked me into thinking that Super Bee would face off with Loopy.  I liked the musicality better in the 1:1:1 battles featured in this episode.

I had a blast watching the group battle as well. They were all so good! Team Nafla had better teamwork and performance quality. They had crazier antics. EK’s dance break was awesome!🤣 EK vs pH-1 round was the best!⭐

Other memorable segments for me in this battle were Black Nine’s and Chaboom’s rap. Black Nine was intense. He displayed incredible rap skill. Meanwhile, Chaboom had a really nice flow.

There were a couple of surprises to me. One, I didn’t expect Kid Milli’s style to be so…umm… ‘tame’. And two, Loopy impressed me with his leadership skills. He managed Team Nafla well. I already know that he’s cool since the beginning, but his distinct character, rap tone and flow seems sexier to me suddenly. 😝

– Episode 4 –

Loopy vs Kid Milli was the best part in round 3. The once cool and calm Kid Milli is starting to heat up. LOL.

Team PaloKunst FTW! Trendy rappers, Loopy, Kid Milli, pH-1 and Qwala, gathered together in one team! They all have distinct styles, tones and flow. Oh boy, I can’t wait to see their team performance.

The footage for the ending credits was love. ❤️ It was wonderful to see the contestants and judges having a blast jamming together.

– Episode 5 –

This episode was eargasmic.🎶 I added 3 out of the 4 songs released in this episode to my playlist.

Oh wow, Team PaloKunst really delivered. Code Kunst, this beat is beautiful.❤️ This suited the team’s vibe very well. I got knocked out early by Kid Milli and pH-1’s duet. I thought it couldn’t get any better but then Kid Milli did a solo rap…then Qwala…then Loopy. Loopy was such a great finale. His attack on it was so unique and his flow is really cool. He sounds like nobody else. Loopy is Loopy.

Good Day by Team PaloKunst

The second song I liked was from Team NuckleFlow. It was solid rap, old style hip-hop.  For the first time, I noticed Keem Hyoeun. His low tone and swag caught my attention. But in terms of rap, Chaboom did the best in this performance.

Pae by Team NuckleFlow

The third song I liked was from Team QuAmo. The beat was cute like what the The Quiett said. The hook was catchy. The team’s energy matched the song. However from this team, I think I’m only interested in watching Coogie now.

saimsaim by Team The QuAmo

No comment for Team Giriboy x Swings. I didn’t like the track.

– Episode 6 –

Here are my picks for this episode.

Kid Milli vs Coogie

Coogie probably won because his intro was funny and his delivery was more energetic. I love them both but Kid Milli seemed a tiny bit cooler to me. I thought his bar cut choices were more classy.

Loopy vs Superbee

Although Loopy displayed a higher level of skill here, Superbee was really smart performing his diss like that. It was unexpected. It made Loopy seem too serious. Superbee won this round for me. He is a true a diss veteran.

pH-1 ft. Woo Wonjae

I’m not crazy about this song but I see Woo Wonjae and I can’t help but low key fangirl.

– Episode 7 –

NOooo! They eliminated Coogie! 💔 Although I didn’t like Coogie’s new track, he was in my Top 3 favorites list: Loopy, Kid Milli, and Coogie.  The Quiett was so heartbroken. 😥

The best stage in this episode was XXL by Keem Hyoeun ft. Deepflow and Dok2. 🔥🔥🔥 I had my Illionaire sign up the whole time. Dok2 ate everyone up. This was the best performance.

The second best stage was Save by Loopy ft. Paloalto. It was another spacey Code Kunst track. It matches well with Loopy’s chill flow. This song will probably do well on the charts. If XXL was hot, this was cool. ❄️

Nafla’s 물어 was the third memorable stage in this episode. Nafla took the stage alone and simply displayed his exemplary rap prowess. His rap delivery was the strongest among all the contenders in this episode. He also had the best stage production. The lights and elevated stage were fantastic. It makes you focus on him alone and his rap.

I’m looking forward to Kid Milli vs EK next week.

– Episode 8 –

I didn’t care about anything else in this episode except for EK’s awesome stage. I’m a Kid Milli fan but EK should’ve won this round. And why are people sleeping on VMC beats? I thought Pae, XXL were really good and so is God God God. They have an old school hip-hop vibe.

Now we’re left with rapper-singers except for Nafla. So will it be a Nafla, Kid Milli, Loopy finale? Only the result for Loopy vs Superbee is uncertain. I hope Loopy goes through.

– Episode 9 –

I don’t know why I got bored with this episode. The only notable performance was SuperBewhy. Loopy is my favorite this season but this stage should’ve won in my opinion.

Chances are Nafla will win next week. The real battle will be whose song will top the charts. I’m hoping to see better stages from the Top 3 next week.

– Episode 10 –

Nafla won as expected.

But to be honest, I was a bit let down by the finale. Nafla’s “I’m a pickup man” hook was good but that was it. I didn’t even like Kid Milli’s song. One of the better songs in the finale was V by Loopy ft. Loco. Loopy’s melodic rap and unique flow suited Code Kunst’s music. Loco blended in just fine.

The other more memorable stage was Shounen Jump by Mommy Son ft. Bae Gisung and Donutman. Mommy Son nailed the character. This performance came through with its manga theme. Mad Clown proved that he definitely has the skills. He didn’t forget a line this time.😉

Although they had a lackluster finale with an obvious result, it was a fantastic season overall. Talent was superb.👍 There were many great moments.😄 EK’s dance time was the most memorable. Good Day was the best song. Dok2 did the best featuring.

This show truly gathers together Korean hip-hop authorities and creates new ones so it’s no surprise that they usually get producers or contestants from previous seasons to feature.

I wonder what will happen next season. How will they change it up?


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