Dancing High

None of the currently airing K-dramas interest me so I’m watching this new teen dance survival show by KBS. Here are my favorite stages.

Coaches’ Opening Showcase
Lee Seunghun x Hoya x Lee Gi-Kwang x Just Jerk x Lia Kim

Here are the contestants that stood out to me.

Kim Minhyuk had an interesting concept in his audition piece but I hope he’ll be able to show more variety next time. He does tutting mostly.

Seo Jiwan got the swag.

Oh Seung Min‘s movement flows well.

ROUND 1: Team Battles
I was amused by how the performances clearly reflect the distinct personalities and styles of their coaches. Team Just Jerk had great teamwork. They rode the music well. It looked like a piece you’d normally see in dance crew competitions. Team Seunghun had a very cerebral routine. It was well-conceptualized and put-together as expected from a YG coach. Team Hoya showed more soul and passion than other team performances. Team Gikwang gave a more theatrical performance. Team Lia Kim had excellent formations and choreography but was a bit lacking in terms of power and synchronization.

My pick for best team performances were Team Seunghun then Team Hoya while in the ace unit performances, I liked Team Gikwang followed by Team Hoya.

I don’t understand why the audience gave very low scores. The special judges, the supposed dance experts, were even showering the kids with love and encouragement. I really don’t get why Team Gikwang and Team Hoya were the bottom two at the end of this round. They had the best ace unit performances. Were there just too many 1Million Dance Studio fans in the audience that day? 🤷

This week was about growth. The kids grew so much in such a short period of time. The performances were much better than the previous episode. Props to all the coaches who are so invested in this. It’s so touching how much they care about the kids.

My top picks this round of team battles were Team Gikwang and Team Hoya. Team Lia was a little laid back this week. Team Just Jerk hustled and danced like a real crew.

Team Gikwang’s stage was my favorite this week. They look like an idol group now. This was suave and sexy. Very trendy. 👌 I like the groove of this team. They make me want to dance. Gikwang kicked up the performance a couple of notches when he came out. Their performance left me wanting to see more of them.

Team Hoya really brings the passion every time. There’s something heartwarming about this performance. It was a love fest. You can feel their love for dance. You can feel Hoya’s love for his team and vice-versa. Having the other members dance in the background while a soloist takes center stage was a great strategy too because each participant was able to showcase their individuality without diminishing the ‘team’ aspect of the performance. The song choice, the dance musical theme, the make-up, the costumes, the production aspect of this came together wonderfully. Everything was packaged well. ❤️

None of the ace performances in this round impressed me but if I had to choose the best, it would be the guy from Team Just Jerk. He showed the best technique among the ace performers.


Kim Ye Ri and Oh Seung Min stood out in this round. Kim Ye Ri brings in emotions and grace to breakdancing, which I felt is impressive since breakdancing usually banks on power moves and musicality.

Oh Seung Min is really my favorite contestant in this competition. He just flows with the music. His transitions were flawless. He has a natural groove, which is nice to watch. Coach Gikwang was really proud of him.


Was that the last episode? It felt kind of weird that it ended abruptly. Usually in survival shows, members get eliminated weekly until there is one person left standing. I don’t know why they ended it with a group winner after only two rounds of eliminations. Maybe the show wasn’t popular enough? I don’t know.

Anyway, Team Just Jerk deserved to win in the end. They did the most solid dancing this week, showcasing their trademark synchronization and well-packaged segments. Also, they delivered consistently week after week securing second place all throughout. There was no one person who really stood out to me in that group. I only remember them as a unit.

The second best stage this week belonged to Team Hoya. Again, they danced with a free spirit. There was something soulful and liberating about it. Plus, you can never go wrong with loose, white, long-sleeved shirts.

Team Gikwang and Team Lia Kim had great concepts but the dancing wasn’t as strong as the first two I already named. On the other hand, Team Seunghun made me feel emotional. Obviously, they weren’t the strongest group but their feelings reached me. The fact that this is the last episode became real to me while watching their performance.

Overall, Dancing High was great while it lasted. I sincerely hope there will be more dance programs in the future. Dance is such a rich art and dancers deserve more love.


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