Dance War Round 2

I was preparing my heart the whole day for this! Judging by the songs alone, Don’t Wanna Cry has sexier accents and better melody recall. Clap is just cool all the way. However, Clap team did way better as a unit. 👏 They were more solid. Oh wow! Green 10 and Silver 16 really shined in this! 🌟 Sorry but Team Don’t Wanna Cry were kind of messy together. 😐 I saw three soloists and not a unit at all. The solo parts were great though.

I know many people enjoy stunts and fancy stuff but I like it when they’re getting into the groove. 0:40, 1:26, 2:45 were the winning moments for me. They looked really cool doing that together.

I hope Clap team will win so I can see a 2 on 2 battle between Silver 16 + Green 10 vs Red 28 + Purple 23. Based on the heights and styles, this should be the best potential 2 on 2 match up. Please make it happen.🙏


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