Dance War Round 1 Results

I honestly don’t know these other idols. Lol. Gold 73 seemed lost during the performance so I was kind of expecting this. Maybe it wasn’t his style. I don’t know. I thought Blue 12 did a better solo section compared to Silver 16. If I were to rank Team Fire: Yellow 22 (1st), Blue 12 (2nd), Silver 16 (3rd), and Gold 73 (4th).

Looking at the voting results, Green 10 has to be in the winning group until the end to survive. More people are voting for their idol biases instead of looking at the talent alone, which is expected from K-pop fans. This puts him at a disadvantage since the other contenders are from groups with a larger fan base. I hope he’ll be able to show his best self in the next rounds and gain more fans.

Anyway, I’m excited for Round 2! Bring it on! White team members are all loud dancers who are great at fluid movements. I wonder who will shine brighter between Purple 23 and Yellow 22. Both are spotlight stealers. This means Pink 02 needs to work harder to be noticed. On the other hand, Black team members Green 10 and Silver 16 are skilled urban dancers. I hope they pick a trendy, urban track. Red 28 can bring the flair to the group of more grounded, relatively ‘quieter’ dancers.


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