I was watching BTS’ Dope MV earlier and I thought this MV holds a special place in my heart. It may not be the group’s finest work but it has a unique charm about it that makes it memorable. That prompted me to do this sort of throwback post of songs that got me started with K-pop. I was predominantly a J-pop fan before I ventured into K-pop.

We Belong Together by Big Bang was probably what got me started. The cool R&B beat and Bom’s vocals got me hooked. The story of the MV was sweet and GD’s character was cute too. Like I said, I’m into those cool dongsaeng types.

My first K-Pop CD was Bi Rain’s fifth album, Rainism. It was given to me as a souvenir when I went to Korea. I’m so thankful because personally, I think it was his best album. I love all the songs there. His MVs were awesome too. Rainism and Love Story were my favorites. Rain is such a good dancer. My brother even learned the choreography for Rainism.

I also received DBSK’s Mirotic album as a gift. Flower Lady was the track that caught my attention.

Sorry, Sorry by Super Junior was a huge hit back in the day. The song had easy recall. Plus, having all those good-looking guys dance to suave choreography made it so easy to like. It was a no brainer.

The first and only K-pop girl group that I stan is 2NE1. Fire and I Don’t Care were the bomb. They were street, fiery and sassy in a world of overly feminine girl groups. They were seriously cool! I love them!

Lastly, what got me started with Got7 was this Magnetic dance practice video. I think this is my all-time favorite Got7 song and video. They were all adorable in this. JB used to be my bias post Dream High 2 but for some weird reason, Bambam wrecked my bias in this. Unfortunately, I’m not into their newer songs (or JB’s new hairstyle rather). I’m not digging this ‘New Era’.


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