ONF at Hallyu Pop Fest 2018 in SG

Months ago, I seriously contemplated if I wanted to attend this since I found out that ONF will be there. I wasn’t a fan of anyone else on the performers’ list except for ONF. It would’ve been my first time attending a K-POP event. I decided against it because I’m bad with crowds. Also, I found out that the Daebak pass although it included a hi-touch and a photo session, you wouldn’t be able to choose which group. True I would’ve been able to see them live and cheer for them in person, but anyway, I decided to wait until they hold their first solo concert. I’ll definitely fly to Korea for that.

In the meantime, I pray for ONF’s safe travel to Singapore and a successful stage at the Hallyu Pop Fest. Bless the production staff, the artists, and all the fans that will be there. Please shower ONF with lots of love and support. Be with them O Lord. Always keep them safe. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Here are the videos of ONF that I found online. I’ll probably create a Yuto FMV for this.

ONF at the Red Carpet

ONF at the evening concert (cr. Desmond Wong)


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