Mood swings

ONF is probably busy practicing and preparing for their next projects. ‘Complete’ promotions have ended so their social media accounts are silent. I miss Yuto. 🙁

I’m having my mood swings lately. I took a big leap yesterday joining a fan selfie event, exposing my face like that with the ONF twitter handle tagged. 😨 Now I’m kind of freaking out and partly regretting it. Here I go again second-guessing myself and thinking of all the wrong things that could happen such as identity theft and other cyber crimes. Part me wants to take everything down again and lie low. Why do I always have this sort of moments? I’ve taken down my blog several times before due to mood swings like this. I end up reviving it over and over eventually. I don’t know. Similarly, I also tend to private posts with personal photos after some time. Why? Why do I do that? To avoid stalkers? 🤦‍♀️

Let me compromise with inner myself then. I will lie low on every social media platform. I’ll refrain from commenting on other people’s posts. I will keep my thoughts in this blog instead. The most I’m allowing myself to do for now is to react to other people’s post by liking it and pinning photos I like on Pinterest. On the other hand, I will practice not deleting or hiding my photos anymore at least in this blog. I will try to overcome whatever insecurity or fear I might have about this.

Lord, I lift this up to You.


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