It’s Slavik VS Hannahlei on SYTYCD!

I think it’s going to be Slavik versus Hannahlei in the finale. Hannahlei did not get a foot wrong all season but Slavik makes me want to root for him. His commitment to his partner and his effort stand out to me. Looking at my Top 3 routines tonight, there are more routines from Slavik.

Melanie & Slavik performed Travis Wall’s choreography to “Gun” by Mas Ysa.  This was fantastic in that they were clearly having a conversation with dance! It was so poetic. It’s a piece that feels like an excerpt from a Broadway musical or perhaps a dance-sical? I don’t know what you call it when there’s no singing, just music and dancing to tell the story.

This Sean Cheesman’s African jazz piece to “When Rivers Cry (Moon Drums Mix)” by Somi ft. Common was fierce. Hannahlei really shined in this. She was getting thrown around and contorted into odd positions. The athleticism and flexibility required by this was no joke. Good job both! 👍

Mandy Moore’s choreography, the lighting and the effect of Jensen’s skirt were beautiful in this. The piece was soft and romantic, which fits Kina Granis’ version of “Can’t Help Falling In Love” perfectly.💓 🌙🌟

On other things, I liked how Genessy worked that skirt at the beginning of her ballroom routine with Jonathan. Also, Slavik had the most interesting solo tonight in my opinion followed by Jensen’s although I thought the solos weren’t as strong as compared to contestants from previous seasons.

I’m hoping that America will vote for Slavik but realistically speaking, Hannahlei will probably win.


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