More Emmys for SYTYCD please! 🏆💖

This week’s performances reaffirm why I love this show! 💖 I watched all the seasons. That was pure art! 😭  Thank you to everybody who made the episode possible. 👏 Thank you Lord for the lives and talents of these artists.🙌

My favorite was Mia Michael’s The Four Seasons. It made me tear up a bit. I love how Mia’s creations always feel genuine. She is excellent in tapping into raw emotions. I felt the peace and joy in this piece. Mia was able to showcase Darius’ essence perfectly.  He has great technique. He dances with such elegance. There is a sense of  innocence and dignity about him. Although I think he finds it hard to take on characters far from his own personality, which is why his performance comes out flat at times and we don’t feel the  chemistry with whoever his partner is. Take tonight’s Argentine tango for example.  I loved the choreography by Miriam & Leonardo. I felt Hannahlei but Darius’ presence tend to disappear at times.

Wow! Travis…First the violin piece and then this…Travis tells compelling stories. His choreography draws people in. Darius shined in this.✨ I was able to focus on him for the first time in a duet. Darius doesn’t have the most expressive face or the strongest presence but even that worked well in this. I also liked how the choreography utilized Darius and Taylor’s long lines and breadth of movement. I don’t know why but when he extends his arms, legs or torso, there’s drama in it. There’s beauty in it. Ah! I felt that we got to know Darius better through this piece. Thank you Travis!

Shapes! Shapes! Shapes! I love the shapes Chris Scott makes and his song choices. He turns the most mundane activities into genius concepts.

Oooh evil barbie-esque…Luther Brown brought it.

Lex and Genessy did a quirky piece by Mandy & Elizabeth. Sorry Genessy but it’s hard not to watch Lex. She’ll probably take the fourth spot next week. Her salsa with Slavik was sloppy too as expected since they were not trained in that style, but they gave it a good effort. You can see that they worked hard on it and still committed to it.

On the other hand, Mandy Moore’s Runaway Baby suited Jay Jay’s personality well. I don’t know why but I found him funny in the Polynesian number. Costumes and styling were spot on tonight for all the numbers by the way.

I appreciate how this show develops its talents through the years – not only the contestants but its all-stars and judges. The show has a become a platform for these artists to really grow. I’m so happy about Robert Roldan’s choreography debut. Jenna’s and Comfort’s were great too but Robert’s piece stood out. It was like a part of a movie.  Marko was such a good partner. Hannahlei is strong as always.

I agree with the results. I’m grateful that Darius and Jay Jay were able to show us what they got before leaving. Hannahlei is the strongest contender for the win but for some reason, I’m rooting for Slavik. I want him to surprise us next week. He gives every performance everything he’s got and I admire that. Jensen is good all-around but I still don’t connect with her. I don’t know why.

Anyway, fabulous fabulous show this week! 👏👏👏 I’m looking forward to the finale!✨


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