It’s Props Day on SYTYCD!

That opening routine was insane! 💖 I’ve always enjoyed Christopher Scott’s group routines. His concepts are very creative. The dancers reminded me of action figures. The overall effect of those circular  platforms and those strings were mmm…tasteful…really tastefully done.  Oh did I say I love Christopher Scott’s group routines? Hah. I wanted to say it again.

On the other hand, Luther Brown’s choreography is quite simple but it allows the dancers to really ride the rhythm. It’s super cool. 🕶️

It’s hard to pick a favorite routine tonight but I think I’ll go with Mandy Moore’s contemporary piece performed by Genessy and Slavik. It’s obvious that they don’t have the best technique. However, they make me feel something. There is something authentic about their chemistry. I think it’s because Slavik pays good attention to his partner. He always looks at her and commits to her. Their jazz routine choreographed by Ray Leeper was cute too. Even in that number, he committed well to his partner and the dance. Apart from that, I think his strength is that he understands the spirit of the dance well and communicates that well.

Jaci Royal’s rope piece was beautiful too. The prop was utilized well. Magda was superb in this. The concept reminded me of Stacey Tookey’s Two Steps Away and Mia Michael’s Addiction although it didn’t have as much impact. Probably because the music was relatively soft. It didn’t climax as dramatically as I wanted.

Meanwhile, what I found interesting about Cole and Hannahlei’s cha cha was that I was watching Cole the whole time. Usually when I watch ballroom pieces, my eyes are drawn to the girl but not this time.

Sean Cheesman served us a steamy smooth jazz number tonight. The choreography was fantastic no doubt. It’s just that I still feel disconnected from Jensen and Jay-jay.  Something about them feels over the top. It’s probably just me. They are fabulous dancers.

Darius had the best solo. I was pleasantly surprised how his lines were so beautiful. He was so graceful. I wanted to watch him more.

It’s the first time I saw Slavik’s solo. Smooth is the first word I thought of. Transitions were so tight that you won’t even notice them. His movement flows wonderfully with the music.

Results were sad. America sent Madga and Cole, my two favorites, home tonight. 😞 With that said, I’ll root for Slavik to win and Hannahlei as first runner up. Darius and Genessy will probably leave next week.


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