SYTYCD 15 Second Live Show

Best of the night for me was Magda & Darius’ fabulous smooth jazz performance choreographed by Mandy Moore. They really got the style down. I like this subtle and sophisticated vibe more compared to the usual fiery, edgy, power struggle-themed jazz pieces we get from the show.

Jensen & Jay Jay’s contemporary number will probably earn the popularity vote tonight. This Jaci Royal choreography was stunning. It was beautifully danced and their bodies were able to communicate the feeling of the song. However, for some reason, I don’t get the same feeling from Jensen’s face and I somehow don’t feel their chemistry. It’s probably just me.

The true winners of tonight’s episode were Cole and Hannahlei. Their two numbers were strong. Hannahlei is slaying every style. She is definitely a strong contender for the win. And I thought Cole didn’t look that awkward doing step as a ballroom dancer. In fact, I think he did really well. Also, it’s been a while since I liked a disco number. Sure, the spins could’ve been a little bit sharper but hey, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Out of tonight’s performances, it’s my second favorite.

On to the others:

Chemistry and charisma will probably help Slavik and Genessy pair survive but I’m kind of disappointed that Slavik barely danced this week. Is it the choreography or the style that didn’t help? I don’t know. Based on the performances alone, they’re my bottom two but I still want to continue watching Slavik grow so I hope he doesn’t go home next week.

I was really distracted by the costume design for the African jazz and Bollywood numbers. I guess I’m not a fan of the multi-colored paint splatter, ink blot pattern. Too bad. I thought there were some great moments in those dances.

For Chelsea & Evan’s performances, umm…I really liked her white dress and the snow effect?

I’m kind of scared of next week’s results. Please save Slavik. If I were to choose, I’d let Darius and Genessy go. Oooh, a Magda-Slavik pairing sounds fantastic! They’ll probably become my favorite couple.


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