2018 World Hip Hop Championship Finals

The 2018 World Hip Hop Championship Finals is up! Thanks again to Hip Hop International for the livestream.

Flavorful is the term I would use to describe this year’s World Hip Hop Championship.  There were more pop & lock crews that made it to the finals. I felt the diversity more than ever.  There were more crews who utilized Latin beats, classical, jazz, and disco music and infused it with hip hop. It was cool.

I like that Paul Mitchell video wherein the contestants read out their thoughts — how they leave all the blood, sweat, tears, financial struggles, and excuses behind and let that two minute routine speak for itself. I hope they post it online because I was inspired by it.

Here are my favorite routines per division. To me, the Adult Division was the most exciting one this year.

Adult Division:

The Peepz (Philippines) was a breath of fresh air from all the hard-hitting, angst-ridden routines. They won third place. They only used 1 song, which is rarely done. It isn’t the first time that it was done in the HHI stage but it is rare. Crews usually use mash ups to add in variety. Nevertheless, The Peepz made it fun and memorable. It’s one of those routines you follow from start to end. They were fantastic storytellers. Their style is mostly urban, which is intricate, almost lyrical. It is very groovy too. It’s the type of routine that makes you want to learn the choreography and dance along. Their routine video will be one that I will replay over and over once its out. I enjoyed it so much.

CBAction (Argentina) deserved that gold. It was highlight after highlight. They are the type of crew you invite for showcases. They were creative. I’m happy for Argentina.

Prestige Dance Crew (New Zealand) didn’t win but I enjoyed their routine. That intro wherein they stood one by one in a line was super snappy and super cool.

Varsity Division:

Kana-Boon! (Japan) is like a default winner. I think they place every year. That is attributable to their excellent popping and locking skills as well as their very clean performances. They’re really good dancers but I’m not a fan of their music choices.

Kingsmen (Philippines) is also a pop & lock crew. They may not be as refined as Kana-Boon! yet but they have more personality and spice in their routine.

VPeepz (Philippines) brings the variety of all-styles to the stage, which is characteristic of UPeepz stages. VPeepz are the little brothers and sisters of UPeepz, the mega crew. They did well but I thought their prelims run was stronger. I suspect that their center person was injured previously that’s why the stunts in the finals felt a bit rushed and weren’t finished out properly. I hope he is okay.

Megacrew Division:

Kindred (Philippines) improved so much from the last time them I saw them. I liked their routine best among the mega crews this year. I just felt more fire from them. They won third place.

Overall, it was another awesome HHI season! I’m excited to see the official videos to be released. ‘Til next year HHI!


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