I thank God for U [유]

My heart ached a bit because I received some sad news but I praise the Lord for Psalm 37 and for U’s update today that cheered me up. His photos in his recent visit to Universal Studios Japan with his family was adorable. I’m glad that he enjoyed a short vacation. Hurrah for his little brother who worked hard to take most of the photos. Yuto looked really handsome in these photos since he wasn’t trying to act cute. He also looks taller. Good job, U’s little brother!

WM also released a Lights On video today with U as the MC. I think he will make a good commentator. He has a pleasant voice for narration and has a knack for explaining things. He is great eye candy too. I like his messy hairstyle here because it makes him look more manly. I also like it when he is seriously trying to explain something. I love his speaking voice best among the members — its tone, texture and cadence. This sounds and looks more natural for him. I hope he graduates the aegyo stage for good and decides to keep this cool aura instead.

What is with the martial arts guru pose though — his hands clasped at the back when leading the members to the interview corner? Hehe. It’s also funny how U can’t keep a straight face for long when interacting with Laun. He kept on smirking. It shows how comfortable he is with him since they are of the same age I guess.

This is great material for  another U compilation video.



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