U [유] Snack Time

There were new photos released at the ONF fan cafe covering the entire Complete promotions. I liked this one best since the other photos of him were too cute for my taste.  I’ve said it many times that as a personal preference, I like seeing his cool side more.

One thing I realized today is that it’s really hard to be a fan — I mean like a “super fan” if there is such a thing. You follow your artist’s schedule and activities physically. You wait on their every tweet, update, and media that gets released. It’s time consuming, costly, and emotionally draining. I don’t know how multi-fandoms do it. It requires such dedication, patience and obsession. I can only support remotely since I’m not in Korea but as it is, the exhaustion is starting to kick in. No. I’m definitely not getting tired of U and ONF. I love them and I’m really happy to be a Fuse.  It’s just that I think the Kpop fandom world can really take a toll on you.  Well, I’m relatively new at this. Mix Nine Top Nine would have been my first real fandom if they debuted.  Right now, I find myself focusing more and more on ONF especially U. My blog is now full of him.

I also realized that my heart can only stan 1 artist. My head is full of him. That’s just me probably. I can appreciate many others too but I tend to have a very loyal heart so I find myself pouring out all my love and effort to just 1 artist at a time. Currently, that artist is this guy eating a biscuit in the photo. I don’t know how it is for other people but I’m discovering that this is the type of fan that I am.


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