Team Package Makers (TPM) @ Hupeep 5: Legacy

TPM with a boyfriend concept this time around at Hupeep 5: Legacy, a UPeepz Fundraising Concert for the 2018 World Hip Hop Dance Championships in Arizona. I’m a dance fan in general but since I grew up in the boy band era, I enjoy watching all-guys dance crews the most. Dance events, shows, recitals are actually the only types of events I usually go to. Oh but I like theater too.

Curious question: Do I dance? YESSSS…before adulting got the best of me. This is why I need this blog to reconnect with the things I’m passionate about. I only dance at home now. Thank God I was able to remodel my unit like a mini-dance studio.

Quick throwback from last year’s UPeepz concert. I realized that we missed Protein Shake this year.


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