I only needed to work for half a day today in lieu of the Sunday afternoon shift I did last week. I see that God had a purpose for that. It freed up my schedule today to be able to  visit the wake of my friend’s dad. It was surreal. I am aware that we are at that age where these things are bound to happen but I guess nothing truly prepares you. As tough as the situation is, she and her family handled it very maturely. I’m proud of her. I’m also thankful that her husband is there for her to support and comfort her. I have no words for my friend but my heart genuinely feels for her. The only thing I was able to do was to give her a hug to somehow comfort and encourage her. I was never good at consoling people.

I remember back in the university I also had this friend who was crying a river and all I could do was to sit beside her silently. No words, nothing for two whole hours. I couldn’t even pat her back even though my heart was brimming with sadness and compassion. The best I could do was to sincerely pray for her in my heart.

Despite my awkward silence and poker face, I hope my heart reaches you and your family.


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