MixNine Top 9 Debut Cancelled

Photo grabbed from Google

Although there was an official statement from Woo Jin Young’s agency and Song Hangyeom also confirmed this via VLive, I’m still in denial. 😭 Are they just creating a commotion to get people to talk about MixNine again? Not so long ago, the evaluation videos were leaked out. I guess I’m still hoping. I’m waiting for an official statement from YG.

It was the first time I officially joined a fan group. For the first time, I was prepared to go see them live if they visited my city. I would’ve gotten a VIP ticket to attend their fan meeting. 😢

How perfect! My devotional today talked about how God gives us the right perspective. “Our circumstances may not change but our perspective can,” it said.

Now it’s time to re-watch my favorite Mix Nine stages and reminisce.

YG has spoken (See the official statement here). The Top 9 will NOT debut together.😭 I feel bad for the boys, their agencies, and my fellow stans.


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