Random Musings: My Ideal Type

I’m trying to identify physical or outward personality traits which I find attractive in guys so I put together a list of my celebrity crushes to analyze what about them I liked exactly.

Here are my specimens.

Nishikido Ryo – Singer / Actor

Got7’s JB – Dancer/Singer/Actor

Mix Nine’s Song Hangyeom – Dancer / Rapper

Lee Jong Suk – Actor

EXILE’s Iwata Takanori – Dancer / Actor


One – Rapper/Actor

Yang Yang in Love O2O – Actor / Dancer

ONF’s U -Dancer/Singer

And here are some of my findings.  I realized that the guys I find attractive usually:

  • have short, clean-cut, dark-colored hair with bangs (100%)
  • are East Asians: Koreans (50%), Japanese (37.5%), or Chinese(12.5%)
  • have deep, narrow, brooding eyes (100%)
  • have a long, thin upper lip (100%)
  • have swag (87.5%)
  • are dancers (75%)
  • are slim and toned. (I don’t like gym buffs that are so bulky.) (100%)
  • rocks the plain white shirt or black shirt (100%)
  • are reserved and dignified (100%)
  • are passionate about their craft (100%)


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