Mix Nine Final 9

I’m quite satisfied with the final 9 from Mix Nine. Although two of my personal picks didn’t make it, I think prince Rubin and resident maknae Minseok are assets to the group. They now have a total of 3 rappers, 3 vocals and 3 dancers. All are visuals and adaptable to any type of performance, may it be swag, aegyo, funky or sexy. The personality mix also seems interesting. With a self-entitled prince, a baby, the stable trinity, a brat with swag, a cat with a jitterbug, and a couple of shy, quiet rappers, there will be no dull moment. Everyday will be a social media feast.

On a special note, Jinyoung and Byeonggon have this subtle, natural swag. I thank YG for bringing that out and producing music that really fits these two. I can’t think of any other agency that can do that.

With that said, I’m super excited for their official debut in April!

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