Beautiful – Wanna One

I watched Produce 101 while waiting for the next episodes of Mix Nine and The Unit.  Personally, I like the talent and production in Mix Nine best. Apart from the fact that Mix Nine aired later meaning the PDs probably learned from their predecessors about what works and what doesn’t, it is produced by the great YG, the master of cool. Since I watched Produce 101 after Mix Nine, I found the former kind of boring. I didn’t even have a favorite contestant or a favorite performance. I didn’t like Daehwi and Samuel who were the front runners all through out the show. I also thought they should’ve picked a better group name. I wasn’t that impressed with the final Top 11 either. In short, I had a lot of doubt about Wanna One until I saw this MV.

I was blown away. Since 4 minutes is barely enough to showcase all 11 members, it feels fully packed. There was no dull moment. Everyone looks fantastic ‘visually’ here, which is a surprise since they all looked average in the show. The song itself sounds great too.

If producers can make these Wanna One boys to be this good, I’m excited to see how the debut group from Mix Nine will be.


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