My Top 9 from Mix Nine

I’m not interested in the girls from Mix Nine. JYP’s Shin Ryu-jin dominates every week anyway. There’s nothing to watch there. Girls in The Unit are more interesting.

Anyway, here are my Top 9 boys from the show. Obviously, I love dancers and rappers. Swag is a must.

#9 Choi Hyun Suk (YG) | Rap


#8 Mizuguchi Yuto (WM Entertainment) | Dance

#7 Lee Donghoon (BEAT Interactive) | Vocals


#6 Kim Byeongkwan (BEAT Interactive) | Dance

#5 Lee Byeonggon (YG) | Rap

#4 Kim Hyojin (WM Entertainment) | Vocals

#3 Woo Jin Young (Happy Face Entertainment) |Rap


#2 Yao Mingming (BYKING Entertainment) | Dance


#1 Song Hangyeom (Staro Entertainment) | Dance

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