My Favorite Mix Nine Stages

While there is no worthwhile drama, I’m thankful to have found this gem. I’ll fill out this post as the show goes along.


Just Dance |  Produced by Teddy | Performed by Mix Nine contestants

Episode 5

Born Hater by EPIK HIGH | Rap | Performed by Seven Stars

Episode 6

Love in the Ice by TVXQ | Vocals | Cover by HighQualityst

My House by 2PM | Dance | Cover by Mazinger

Episode 9

Bang Bang Bang by Big Bang | Performed by King Wang Jjang

Paradise Lost by GAIN | Performed by Apricot Flavor

Hug by TVXQ | Performed by Hug$

Episode 11

Hush | Produced by Kamen Rider and Jung Il-hoon | Performed by My9 Me

Episode 12

Stand by Me by MC Mong et al | Performed by 9reat!


Omona | Produced by Joe Rhee, 24 | Performed by Universe (Mix Nine Girls)

Come To Play | Produced by Robin, Millennium, Kim Kyung, BigTone | Performed by Our Home (Mix Nine Girls)

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