Kingsman Trilogy

I seldom watch Hollywood movies unless it is:

  • by Disney or Pixar,
  • a dance movie, musical, or theater adaptation,
  • an anime adaptation,
  • a fantasy series with an adventure theme like The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and Harry Potter,
  • a mind-bending psychological thriller that is not too dark like Inception, Identity, Salt, and Now You See Me, 
  • or anything with Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in it.

Anyway, on to the Kingsman movies.

Kingsman: The Secret Service

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

I enjoyed the two movies so far. The idea of having modern day knights (in suits!) is appealing to me especially that it is said that chivalry is dead nowadays. How wonderful it is to see a group of well-groomed men who live by the mantra, “Manners maketh man.

The theme of the latest installment was probably inspired by the controversial war on drugs campaign by the incumbent Philippine president. It is interesting to see the movie makers’ take on it.

The movie follows the trend of using some iconic throwback music as OST, which  was recently popularized by Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. In the same way, it adapted the trend of using stylized, slow motion fight scenes similar to what Sherlock Holmes used. It all works well because the movie in itself is one big modern throwback after all. It creatively shows how the past can possibly fit in to the present.

There will probably be a third movie that will tie up all the loose ends of the first two. They will finally reveal who is creating all these robots and bionic body parts the villains use. I think there will be another secret service introduced from a different part of the world, either in Asia or somewhere in the Middle East. Considering the recurring elements from the first two movies, I think the next Kingsman counterpart will most likely be from Japan. They will either take the samurai, yakuza or ninja route since these are the well-known organized groups in the East who have a rich culture and who follow strict protocols. Moreover, given they now need a replacement for Merlin, they may want to let us in on how they train the Kingsman tech-savvy support staff. Japan is a famous technology hub so it makes a lot of sense that they train them there. I can’t imagine though what they plan to call the Asian secret service given that they usually use the something dignified + “-man” pattern in the name: “Kingsman” (London – Europe), “Statesman” (Kentucky – US). Furthermore, looking at the signature elements they use for the storyline, they might want to tackle organ trade or some issue with the communist nations (China or North Korea). I don’t know but for sure they will again use another medium popular to the youth like computers to terrorize the world. As for the business venture of the Asian counterpart of Kingsman, hmm… it could be tobacco, metals, cars, or fabric maybe silk. Oh, then they could be called “Tradesman” or “Craftsman” or something. 

Well, let’s see. I’m looking forward to the next one.


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